Running in the car

When running in a new car, the following rules must be observed:

During the first 1000 km, you must not exceed a speed of 130 km/h in top gear

Do not increase the engine speed above 3000-3500 rpm.

The car will be able to fully realize its performance characteristics after approximately the first 3000 km of driving

Ignition key position

Starting and stopping the Renault Arkana engine

Ignition key position "Park and steering lock" A

To lock the steering shaft, you need to remove the key from the ignition lock and turn the steering wheel in one direction or another until the steering column lock is locked

To unlock the steering shaft, slightly turn the key in the ignition and the steering wheel

Position "accessory" B

In this position, accessories (radio, etc.) continue to operate

Ignition key position C

Ignition on, engine can be started

Ignition key position "engine start" D

If the engine does not start on the first attempt, the key must be reset before the starter is turned on again

Immediately after starting the engine, release the ignition key

Starting and stopping the engine: car with a key (key, RF remote control)

Starting the engine

Depending on the equipment of the car, when the gear is engaged, to start the engine of a car with a manual transmission, it is necessary to depress the clutch pedal all the way or move the gear lever to the neutral position.

The on-board computer will display the message “On. Neutral + press Start»

To make it easier to start the engine at very low outside temperatures (below -20ºC), turn on the ignition for a few seconds before turning on the starter.

When starting the engine in low temperature conditions (below -10º C), keep the clutch pedal depressed until the engine starts

Starting a petrol engine

  • - turn on the starter without pressing the accelerator pedal
  • - immediately after starting the engine, release the ignition key

Don't start your car idling while on a slope. Danger of turning off the steering!

Automatic vehicles

Before starting the engine, the lever must be in the "P" position

Engine stop:

- when the engine is idling, you need to turn the ignition key to the "Stop" position A

Feature - depending on the vehicle equipment, additional equipment (radio, etc.) is turned off when the engine is turned off, when the driver's doors are opened or the doors are locked

Starting and stopping the engine: a car with a key card

Starting and stopping the Renault Arkana engine

Keycard must be in range 1

Engine start:

  • - cars with automatic transmission: set the gear lever to the "P" position, press the brake pedal and press button 2;
  • - in a car with a manual transmission: press the brake pedal and, depending on the position of the gear lever, the clutch pedal and press button 2.

If one of the gears is engaged in a manual transmission, starting will only be possible when the clutch pedal is pressed

Starting and stopping the Renault Arkana engine


  • - If any condition for starting the engine is not met, the instrument panel displays the message “Press the brake + press Start” or “Press the clutch + press Start”, or “Selector in P + press Start”;
  • - in some cases, to unlock the steering column, you need to slightly turn the steering wheel while pressing the start button 2; the message "Turn the steering wheel + press Start" will warn you about this;

Hands-free engine start with tailgate open

In this situation, the key card should not be in the luggage compartment

Optional equipment function

(ignition on)

 Starting and stopping the engine of a Renault Arkana

After opening the car, you can use some of its systems (radio, navigation system, windshield wipers, etc.)

Starting and stopping the Renault Arkana engine

To use other functions: with the card key in the passenger compartment, press button 2 without pressing the pedals


In some cases, the keycard with the hands-free function may not work:

  • - the card battery is low, the battery is low, etc.;
  • - proximity of an electronic device operating on the same frequency (mobile phone, video game, etc.);
  • - the car is in a zone of strong electromagnetic interference.

The message "Put the card to the + Start symbol" appears on the shield

Press the brake or clutch pedal, then place the key card 3 on symbol 4.

Press button 2 to start the engine. The message will disappear.

Engine shutdown conditions

Starting and stopping the Renault Arkana engine

Vehicle must be stationary, gear lever must be in "P" position for vehicles with automatic transmission

When the card key is in the cabin, press button 2: the engine will stop. The steering column is locked when the driver's door is opened or the vehicle is locked.

If there is no card key in the car when you try to turn off the engine, the instrument panel will display the message “No card key.

Press and hold": keep button 2 pressed for more than two seconds.

If there is no card key in the passenger compartment, before pressing and holding the button, make sure that you can find it again after locking the car.

Without a key card, you will not be able to start the engine again

With the engine stopped, accessories (radio, etc.) will continue to operate for approximately another ten minutes.

Accessories will turn off when the driver's door is opened

Remote engine start


Starting and stopping the Renault Arkana engine

If this system is included in the vehicle, to initialize it, press and release the unlock button 6, and then the remote start button 5 twice in succession, each time holding it pressed for about three seconds.

The time between presses should be no more than five seconds. Turning on and staying on the hazard warning lights for three seconds will confirm system initialization

Note: Once a function has been initialized, it will not be possible to deactivate it later

We recommend contacting the official dealer of the manufacturer

Launch operation

This feature enables remote engine start

Set the required mode of the heating and ventilation system in advance (heating, defrosting)

To remotely start the engine, press the lock button 7 and then, within two seconds, the remote start button 5, holding it down for about three seconds.

The hazard warning lights will remain on for approximately three seconds.

The engine will then start

The engine will run for ten minutes. The engine run time can be extended by ten minutes by pressing the remote start button 5 again.

Turning on the hazard warning lights and keeping them on for three seconds will confirm that the engine is running longer

In addition, you can program the start time of the engine to warm up or ventilate the interior up to 24 hours before using the car.

Starting and stopping the Renault Arkana engine

Depending on the vehicle equipment, configuration and programming is carried out using the multimedia display 8, (see instructions for using the vehicle's multimedia equipment).

The following factors affect the efficiency of remote engine start environment:

  • - the presence of obstacles, buildings, walls, other cars, etc.;
  • - radio interference (TV, radio, mobile phones, other remote control, etc.);
  • - state of the remote control battery or car key card.

Remote engine start works if:

  • - the lever is in the neutral position for cars with a manual or robotic gearbox;
  • - the lever is in the "P" position for cars with automatic transmission;
  • - ignition off;
  • - hood closed;
  • - all opening elements of the body (doors and luggage compartment) were closed and locked when you left the car;
  • - in unfavorable conditions for starting the engine (extreme weather conditions, improper technical condition of the car, fuel and oil, discharged battery, etc.), the programmed remote engine start may not be carried out.

If one of the above conditions is not met, the hazard warning lights will flash for approximately three seconds.