The oil in the automatic transmission is replaced after the repair of the transmission. Structurally, the automatic transmission does not provide for oil changes during the entire period of operation

It is recommended to drain the oil from the automatic transmission within 15 minutes after the trip, until it has cooled down and has good fluidity

It is recommended to use ATF M-V fluid in an automatic transmission

Tools required: 8 hexagon, funnel, wide container for drained oil

Checking the fluid level in an automatic transmission

Start the engine and warm up the oil

How to change oil in Mazda 6 automatic transmission

While the engine is idling, remove the fluid level indicator in the automatic transmission

How to change oil in Mazda 6 automatic transmission

Wipe the dipstick with a clean cloth and put it back in place

Re-remove the probe. The fluid level must be between the "MIN" and "MAX" marks

If the liquid level is very low, add liquid to the required level

It is necessary to fill the working fluid into the automatic transmission through the fluid level indicator tube

Replacing the working fluid in the automatic transmission

To change the fluid in the gearbox, remove the engine mudguard and engine crankcase protection

How to change oil in Mazda 6 automatic transmission

Unscrew the drain plug and drain the liquid into the prepared container

The cork is sealed with an aluminum washer. If the washer is heavily crimped, then replace it

We screw in the plug and pour fluid into the gearbox

After that, check the liquid level, as described above