A knock sensor attached to the top of the cylinder block in the area between cylinders 2 and 3 detects abnormal vibrations (knock) in the engine

The sensing element of the knock sensor is a piezoelectric plate

During detonation, voltage pulses are generated at the output of the sensor, which increase with increasing intensity of detonation impacts.

The ECU, based on the signal from the sensor, regulates the ignition timing to eliminate detonation flashes of fuel.

Replacing knock sensor Mazda 6

Remove the decorative engine cover

Replacing knock sensor Mazda 6

We press the lock of the knock sensor wire block and disconnect the block from the sensor

Replacing knock sensor Mazda 6

Removing the intake manifold of the engine, indicated in the article "Replacing gaskets for the intake and exhaust manifold of the Mazda 6 engine"

Replacing knock sensor Mazda 6

Unscrew the knock sensor mounting bolt

Remove the knock sensor

Install the sensor in reverse order