The wheel (working) cylinder of the rear wheel brake mechanism is replaced when the braking efficiency of the wheel decreases due to jamming of the pistons in the cylinder or leakage of brake fluid through the cylinder seals

We install the car on a lift or an inspection ditch (you can do it on a flat area).

Remove the rear wheel and securely fix the car on the stand.

We remove the brake drum and brake pads (How to replace the brake pads of a Nissan Almera car).

Before unscrewing the brake pipe fitting from the cylinder bore with a metal brush, clean the place of their connection from dirt and corrosion and apply an easily penetrating liquid like WD-40 to it.

Remove the cap from the bleed valve.

Replacing the brake slave cylinder Nissan Almera

With a special key for 11 for pipe fittings, unscrew the brake pipe fitting

Replacing the brake slave cylinder Nissan Almera

Remove the tip of the tube from the bore of the cylinder

Replacing the brake slave cylinder Nissan Almera

We put a protective rubber cap on the tube from the brake bleed valve

Replacing the brake slave cylinder Nissan Almera

Using a 10 socket or wrench, unscrew the bolt securing the cylinder to the brake shield

Replacing the brake slave cylinder Nissan Almera

Retrieve the cylinder

Installing the wheel cylinder

Clean rear brake elements

Install the wheel cylinder on the rear brake shield and secure it with the bolt. Bolt tightening torque 14 Nm (1.4 kgf.m)

Remove the plugs from the bores of the wheel cylinder and the brake pipe and screw the union of the brake pipe into the bore of the wheel cylinder. Tightening torque of the fitting 14 Nm (1.4 kgf.m)

Hook the spring of the automatic gap adjustment mechanism to the shoe

Install upper return spring

Install the spring guides while keeping the spacer bar in contact with the brake shield

Check the outer diameter of the brake pads and adjust if necessary

Install the brake drum

Install rear wheel

Bleed the brake system and, if necessary, the hydraulic clutch

Check the effectiveness of the service brake system