In the article, we will consider the methods of driving a car with an automatic transmission

To move the lever to the desired position, press button 2 on the automatic transmission control lever

Controlling the automatic transmission
  • P - parking;
  • R - reverse;
  • N - neutral position;
  • D - movement in automatic mode;
  • M - manual mode;
  • + - overdrive;
  • - - downshift.

System operation

With the gear lever in the P position, start the engine

To move the lever from the P position, you must first press the brake pedal, and then the release button 2 (Fig. 1)

Press the brake pedal (warning lamp (Driving a Renault Arkana automatic transmission vehicle) on the display goes out) and move the lever from the P


The display informs you about the selected mode or the gear engaged

Shifting the lever to the D or R position is only allowed when the car is stationary, with the brake pedal depressed, the accelerator (gas) pedal released and the engine running

Driving in automatic mode

Move the selector lever to D

In most cases, under normal traffic conditions, the gear lever will not need to be used anymore.

Gears will shift automatically, at the right time, at the appropriate engine speed.

Automation will take into account the vehicle load, road profile and driving style

Economical driving

During normal driving, the lever should always be in the D position.

While doing this, keep the accelerator (gas) pedal slightly depressed to automatically shift gears at lower engine speeds

Acceleration and overtaking

With force to the stop, press the accelerator pedal. This will allow you to shift to the optimum low gear for the engine

Private driving

Move the gear selector to the D position, and then move the selector lever to the left to the M


By successive presses on the selector lever, you can shift gears manually:

  • - move the shift lever forward to downshift;
  • - to upshift, move the shift lever back

The gear engaged is shown on the display (instrument cluster)

Special cases

Depending on the driving mode, (if it is necessary to activate the engine protection systems and ESC trajectory stabilization), the control system can automatically select the required gear.

In addition, in order not to perform unnecessary and unnecessary shifts, automatics may refuse to perform gear changes.

In this case, the transmission indication will flash for a few seconds to alert you

In very cold weather, the system may inhibit manual gear shifting until the transmission has warmed up to operating temperature

Special traffic conditions

- if the profile of the road and its sinuosity do not allow you to move in automatic mode (for example, in the mountains), it is recommended to switch to manual mode

This is necessary to avoid unnecessary sequential gear shifts on hills and to provide engine braking on long descents.

  • - on slippery roads or roads with a low coefficient of adhesion, to prevent slippage at start, switch to manual gearshift mode M and shift into second gear when starting off
  • - in very cold weather (at temperatures below -20º C), in order to avoid stopping the engine, you should wait a little before moving the lever from the P position to the D or position R. Then strong accelerations should be avoided for several minutes

Car parking

After the vehicle has come to a complete stop, keeping your foot on the brake pedal, move the selector lever to the P position, this will put the transmission in neutral and the drive wheels will be mechanically blocked by the transmission lock.

Set the parking brake


If the lever is locked in the P position, press on the brake pedal.

You can release the lever manually.

Unlocking the automatic transmission

To do this, release and lift the cover of the base of the lever, then insert a tool (hard pin) into hole 4 and simultaneously press button 2 to unlock the lever

Towing vehicles with automatic transmission

When the engine is off, the gearbox is not lubricated

It is preferable to transport such vehicles on a tow truck or, in the case of 4x2 (2WD) vehicles, tow them with the drive wheels hung out

In exceptional cases and only with a partial 4x2 transmission (2WD), it is possible to tow a car on four wheels, but only in forward gear, with the gear lever in neutral position N and for a distance of no more than 50 km.