The fuel vapor recovery system prevents fuel vapors from escaping into the atmosphere, which adversely affect the environment

The system uses the method of absorbing vapors with a carbon adsorber, which is installed in the arch of the right front wheel.

The solenoid purge valve is installed on the top cover of the adsorber and, according to the signals from the engine control unit, switches the operating modes of the system.

Fuel vapors from the fuel tank are constantly discharged through the pipeline and accumulate in the adsorber filled with activated carbon (adsorbent).

When the engine is running, the adsorbent is regenerated (recovered) by purging the adsorber with fresh air entering the system under the action of vacuum transmitted through the pipeline from the inlet pipe to the adsorber cavity when the purge valve is opened.

The control unit regulates the degree of adsorber purge depending on the engine operating mode by sending a signal to the valve with a variable pulse frequency.

Fuel vapors from the adsorber through the pipeline enter the engine intake pipe and burn in the cylinders.

Failure of the evaporative emission system leads to unstable idling, engine stop, increased toxicity of exhaust gases and deterioration of the driving performance of the car.

Removing and installing the adsorber

We remove the adsorber for replacement in case of leakage of its housing (can be determined by the presence of a smell of gasoline and during visual inspection), as well as in the event of a malfunction of the canister purge solenoid valve (the defect is accompanied by unstable operation of the engine at idle).

Remove the right front wheel and securely fix the car on the stand.

Removing the right wheel liner (see article - Removal and installation of fender liner Nissan Almera)

How to remove the canister of a Nissan Almera

Using a screwdriver, we press the retainer of the engine control system wiring block and remove the block from the valve connector

How to remove the canister of a Nissan Almera

We squeeze the clamps of the tip of the tube connecting the adsorber purge solenoid valve with the receiver, and remove the tip of the tube from the valve fitting

How to remove the canister of a Nissan Almera

We also remove the tip of the tube connecting the adsorber to the fuel tank from the adsorber fitting

How to remove the canister of a Nissan Almera

With a 13 head, we unscrew the two nuts securing the canister body to the body and remove the canister together with the transparent ventilation tube.

Install the adsorber in reverse order.