We remove the gearbox oil seals when oil leaks through their edges

The front wheel drive seals can be replaced without removing the gearbox

To do this, you will need: a mounting spatula, a large screwdriver, a hammer and a mandrel

We install the car on a viewing ditch or lift

Draining the gearbox oil

To replace the front wheel drive oil seal, remove the wheel drive from the side of the oil seal being replaced

How to replace Hyundai Solaris manual transmission oil seals

Remove the gland with a screwdriver

Lubricating the working lip of the new oil seal with transmission oil

How to replace Hyundai Solaris manual transmission oil seals

We press the oil seal with a mandrel of a suitable size with the working edge inside the gearbox

How to replace Hyundai Solaris manual transmission oil seals

When installing oil seals, pay attention to their marking: "LH" (left) and "RH" (right).

Oil seals must be installed in the gearbox on the appropriate side

Install the removed parts in the reverse order of removal.

Fill gearbox with oil

The reason for the oiling of the clutch disc of a car with a manual transmission may be a leak in the oil seal of the input shaft of the gearbox or the rear oil seal of the crankshaft of the engine.

Engine and transmission oils have different smells.

Having a certain skill, you can determine by smell which oil seal is defective: the input shaft oil seal or the crankshaft rear oil seal.

There is another way to determine the type of oil.

Drop the oil into the water poured into the vessel in a thin layer (possibly in a puddle).

The gear oil will spread over the entire surface of the water in the form of an iridescent film, and the engine oil will remain in the form of a drop similar to a lentil grain.

To replace the input shaft oil seal, the gearbox must be disassembled.

This procedure requires certain skills, so if you need to replace the input shaft seal, contact a specialized service.