Rear wheel drives with CV joints on a car with all-wheel drive are used to transmit torque from the main gear of the rear gearbox to the rear wheels

The drives of the right and left rear wheels are interchangeable.

Rear wheel drive: 1 - outer hinge housing; 2 - setting ring of the rear wheel speed sensor; 3, 5, 9 - clamps for fastening protective covers; 4, 8 - hinge covers; 10 - inner hinge body

The wheel drive consists of inner and outer hinges of equal angular velocities connected by a shaft.

The drive shaft is made of forged steel bar.

Splines are made at the ends of the shaft, on which CV joints are installed.

External and internal drive joints have different designs.

Outer hinge: 1 - cage; 2 - separator; 3 - ball; 4 - body; 5 - speed sensor setting disk

External drive pivot allows angular movement of the suspension.

It consists of a body, separator, cage and six balls, which are placed in the profiled grooves of the body and cage.

The separator constantly keeps the balls in the bisector plane between the body and the hinge cage and ensures uniform transmission of rotation from the cage to the body.

The hinge cage is mounted on the splines of the shaft and is fixed from longitudinal movement with a retaining ring.

The splined shank of the outer joint housing, at the end of which a thread is cut, is inserted into the rear wheel hub and fastened with a nut.

The outer hinges of the right and left rear wheel drives are interchangeable, and the inner hinges are also interchangeable.

Details of the inner hinge: 1 - protective cover; 2 - spring; 3 - body of the internal hinge; 4 - three-spike; 5 - spring thrust washer; 6 - retaining ring

Internal joint of the drive provides the possibility of angular movements of the suspension and compensates for the movement of the suspension relative to the body by changing the length of the drive shaft.

At the splined end of the drive shaft, on the side of the inner hinge, there is a hub with three spikes - a three-spike, on each of the spikes (trunnion) of which there is a roller with an outer spherical surface, rotating on a needle bearing.

Renault Duster rear wheel drive design

The three-stud is fixed on the drive shaft with a retaining ring.

A spring installed inside the inner joint housing ensures that the joint housing is constantly pressed against the differential side gear.

The retaining ring in the connection of the splined shank of the inner joint housing with the differential side gear is not installed.

The movements of the rear suspension relative to the body are compensated by the movement of the three-stud rollers in the longitudinal grooves of the internal hinge body.

The tightness of the hinges is an indispensable condition for their reliable operation.

The tightness of the outer and inner hinges is ensured by plastic dirt-proof covers fixed to the shaft and the housing with disposable metal clamps.

We replace the worn hinge as an assembly.

Before assembly, a special lubricant for wheel drive joints with molybdenum disulfide (domestic analogue - SHRUS-4) is put into the outer and inner ball.

Replenishment or replacement of lubricant and any other maintenance of the wheel drives during the operation of the vehicle is not required

The owner of the car only needs to monitor the condition of the protective covers of the hinges and the fastening of their clamps.

The drive joints are very durable, their design life is almost equal to that of a car.

However, in operation, the drive joints are often changed or repaired.

Such work is quite expensive and time-consuming.

To save a lot of money, regularly check the condition of the protective covers of the hinges and replace them immediately if they are damaged.