To check compression, it is recommended to use compressometers for gasoline engines of type G-324 f."Triscko” Taiwan or KA - 6721K f."KT TOOLS” Taiwan

Checking compression in VAZ-2123 cylinders

We install the car on a horizontal platform, brake the parking brake and warm up the engine

Set the gear lever to the neutral position, turn off the ignition and open the hood.

Checking compression in VAZ-2123 cylindersChecking compression in VAZ-2123 cylinders

Disconnect the plug connector from the ignition module or coil

Remove the wires from the spark plugs and unscrew the candles

Work on measuring compression together, turn on the starter with the ignition switch.

Check the compression in the first cylinder.

The check should be carried out when the air and throttle valves are fully open

Checking compression in VAZ-2123 cylinders

Insert the rubber cone of the compressor tip into the threaded hole under the spark plug of the cylinder head and press to ensure tightness of the combustion chamber.

By turning on the ignition switch, turn the engine crankshaft until the needle of the compressor device is stabilized (from 5 to 7 seconds).

Checking compression in VAZ-2123 cylinders

Set the arrow of the compressor unit to zero by pressing the reset button.

Similarly check the compression in the second, third and fourth cylinders. Compression in all engine cylinders must be at least 1.0 MPa (10 kgf/cm2) and must not differ in different cylinders of the same engine by more than 0.1 MPa (1 kgf/cm2).

If the compression reading in one or more cylinders is too low, perform a troubleshooting.

Pour into the tested cylinder with reduced compression from 20 to 25 cm3 clean engine oil.

Repeat the compression measurement operations. A higher compression reading in this case will indicate a breakdown or occurrence of piston rings.

If the reading of the compressor meter does not change, then the reason for the reduced pressure is a loose fit of the valves or damage to the cylinder head gasket.

Screw in the spark plugs and connect the high-voltage wires to them.

Close the hood, start the engine and check its operation.