The phase sensor signal is used by the controller to organize sequential fuel injection in accordance with the order of operation of the engine cylinders

The phase sensor is installed on the lug of the cylinder head.

Replacing and checking the camshaft sensor VAZ-2123

The principle of operation of the sensor is based on the Hall effect.

There is a special pin on the engine camshaft.

Location of the dial on the camshaft sprocket

When the pin passes against the end of the sensor, the sensor outputs a low-level voltage pulse (about 0 V) to the controller, which corresponds to the position of the piston of the 1st cylinder in the compression stroke.

If a malfunction occurs in the circuits or the phase sensor itself, the controller stores its code in its memory and turns on the signaling device.

Vehicle self-diagnosis may not detect an error.

The car engine will not start well, especially after a long parking.

The "CHECK ENGINE" warning light will be on.

Removing the phase sensor

Turn off the ignition.

Disconnect the harness connector from the sensor.

Using a 10 key, unscrew the phase sensor mounting bolt and remove the phase sensor.

Checking the camshaft sensor

To check the phase sensor, dismantle it and connect the wiring harness block to the sensor.

From the side where the wires enter the block, we insert two pieces of wire into its sockets corresponding to the extreme conclusions, so that there is contact between them and the wire tips.

Connect tester probes to wire segments.

Turning on the ignition, bring a steel rod to the end of the sensor several times.

At the same time, for a serviceable sensor, the device should record abruptly changing voltage values.

To check the sensor, you can assemble a simple circuit.

Phase sensor test circuit

Connect the sensor and bring the screwdriver shaft to the working part of the sensor.

The lamp or LED should light up when brought to the working part of the sensor.

Phase sensor installation

Before installing the sensor, lubricate the surface of the sealing ring of the phase sensor with engine oil.

Install the phase sensor on the cylinder head, screw in and tighten the mounting bolt. Bolt tightening torque 3.8...8.2 Nm.

Connect the harness block to the sensor.