All-wheel drive vehicles are equipped with five or six-speed manual transmissions

Five-speed JR5, and six-speed TL 8.

The JR5 gearbox is fitted with the K4M engine. And the TL 8 gearbox can be installed both with the K4M engine and with the F4R engine.

All gearboxes are modified for installation on 2WD and 4WD vehicles, which is reflected in the marking on the crankcase.

The difference between a gearbox for a 4WD car is that it has a flange for connecting the transfer case and the absence of an oil seal for the right side gear (the oil seal is installed on the output shaft of the transfer case).

The TL 8 manual gearbox has the same connecting and installation dimensions as the JR5 gearbox, and is largely similar in design.

The difference is in the presence of the sixth gear and the location of the gears and synchronizers on the shafts, as well as the cast back cover instead of the stamped one.

TL 8 gearbox

fig. 1. Six-speed gearbox of a 4x4 car: 1 - reverse switch, 2 - breather, 3 - gearbox housing, 4 - gear selection lever, 5 - gear lever, 6 - clutch housing, 7 - oil filler plug, 8 - stuffing box left wheel drive, 9 - input shaft, 10 - transfer box drive shaft oil seal

Gearbox - mechanical, two-shaft, with six forward gears and one reverse gear, with synchronizers in all forward gears.

It is structurally integrated with the differential and final drive.

The gearbox housing consists of two parts (cast from aluminum alloy): the clutch housing and the gearbox housing.

When assembling, a gasoline-oil-resistant sealant-gasket is applied between them.

The drive gears of all forward gears are located on the input shaft and are in constant engagement with the driven gears mounted on the output shaft.

The gears of all forward gears are helical, and the reverse gears are spur gears.

The final drive gear is also located on the secondary shaft.

The drive gear of the final drive is in constant mesh with the driven gear of the final drive.

The final drive gear is mounted on the differential box and bolted to it.

The differential box has two satellites and two side gears.

The satellites are mounted on an axle mounted in the differential box.

Semi-axial gears transmit torque to the front wheel drives.

The differential box rotates on two tapered roller bearings, the inner rings of which are pressed onto the differential box, and the outer rings are pressed into the gearbox and clutch housings.

The differential box transmits rotation to the drive shaft of the transfer case through a spline connection.

fig. 2. Gearbox control mechanism: 1 - gear selector cable, 2 - gear selector cable, 3 - control mechanism, 4 - shift lever boot

The gearbox control drive consists of a control mechanism installed in the vehicle interior on the floor tunnel, and a gear shift mechanism located in the gearbox housing.

Mechanisms are connected by two cables: gear selection and gear shifting.

fig. 3. Location of the gearbox control mechanism: 1 - gearbox control mechanism, 2 - gear mounting bolts, 3 - housing latches

The transmission control mechanism is attached to the floor tunnel with four bolts.

When a gear is selected, the gear selection cable moves the gear selector lever, which in turn places the gear selector in the groove of the corresponding gear selector fork.

Once a gear has been selected, the shift cable turns the lever into the desired gear.

fig. 4. Engagement cable and gear selector cable: 1 - gear selector cable tip head, 2 - spring, 3 - latch locking sleeve, 4 - toothed retainer, 5 - gear selector cable tip, 6 - gear cable end, 7 - gear selector cable tip head , 8 - cable protective cover, 9 - gear selector cable sheath tip, 10 - gear selector cable sheath locating sleeve, 11 - gear selector cable sheath, 12 - gear selection cable sheaths, 13 - gear select cable sheath locating sleeve, 14 - tip gear selector cable sheath

The shift cable and gear selector cable are not interchangeable.

The gear selection cable can be adjusted in length.

To change the length of the cable, it is necessary to press the spring 2 with the locking sleeve 3.

After that, we move the toothed lock 4 (orange) inside the cable tip, disengaging its teeth from engagement with the toothed end of the cable 6.

We move the toothed end of the cable 6 inside the tip, setting the required length of the cable, after which we fix the end of the cable with a toothed lock 4 and release the locking sleeve.

Renault Duster Gearbox Features

The gearbox communicates with the atmosphere through a breather located in its upper part.

During maintenance, the nozzle on the hose should be turned several times to clean it.

The gearbox is factory filled with gear oil designed for the entire service life.

The oil level in the gearbox should be at the level of the lower edge of the oil filler hole, closed with a plastic plug.

The gearbox is a complex assembly that requires experience and special tools to repair.

Therefore, gearbox repairs should be carried out in a specialized technical center that has both the necessary equipment and spare parts.

In case of serious damage or severe wear of the gearbox parts, it is advisable to replace it entirely.

Possible malfunctions of a manual transmission and how to fix it

- Cause of malfunction


Vibration, noise in the gearbox:

- Loose or damaged engine and gearbox mounts

Tighten fasteners or replace supports

- Wear or damage to gears and bearings

Get the transmission serviced

- Wrong grade oil filled

Fill in conditioning oil

- Insufficient oil level

Add oil to the level

Oil leak:

- Destruction, damage to the stuffing box or sealing rings

Replace damaged parts

Difficult shifting and grinding noise when shifting:

- Incomplete clutch disengagement

Bleed the hydraulic clutch release

- Malfunction of the shift cables

Replace shift cables at a dealer

- Synchronizer wear

Repair box, replace synchronizers

Spontaneous disengagement of gears:

- Deterioration of shift forks or breakage of detent springs

Repair the gearbox, replace faulty parts

- Increased clearance of the synchronizer clutch on the hub

Repair the gearbox.

Gear ratios for manual transmissions


JR5 gearbox

TL8 gearbox modification





































* For 4WD vehicle