We install the car on a viewing ditch or lift

Disconnect the negative battery terminal

Drain the coolant and oil from the engine

Remove the front panel

We remove the radiators, see the articles "How to remove the radiator of the UAZ-3151, -31512, -31514, -31519 engine"

Remove the power steering pump from the bracket without disconnecting the hoses

Remove the carburetor from the engine or disconnect the throttle control rods, hoses and wire ends from the carburetor

Disconnect the supply hose from the fuel pump

Disconnect the low-voltage wire from the ignition distribution sensor

Disconnect the high voltage wire from the ignition coil

Disconnect the heater hoses from the engine

Disconnect the exhaust pipe from the exhaust manifold

Disconnect the vacuum brake booster hose from the inlet pipe

Disconnect the wires from the sensors of the lubrication systems, the article "Removal and installation of oil system elements UAZ-3151, -31512, -31514, -31519"

Disconnect wire ends from starter and alternator leads

Remove the slave cylinder from the clutch housing without disconnecting the hose

Disconnect the braided ground wire from the engine

We fix the cables of the lifting device on the engine:

  • - in front of the cylinder head bracket;
  • - at the back, behind the mounting eye

We unscrew the nuts of the mounting bolts, power plant supports - described in the article "How to replace the UAZ-3151, -31512, -31514, -31519 power plant supports"

Remove the gearbox

Operations for removing the UAZ car engine

Remove the engine from the engine compartment

Install the engine in reverse order

If suitable equipment for lifting the engine is not available, it can be removed with two assistants by tying the engine to a steel pipe with a diameter of 50–80 mm.

To do this, we lighten the engine as much as possible by removing all attachments, the flywheel and the cylinder head from it.