Diesel model D-245.7EZ is installed on buses PAZ-32053-07. Diesel model D-245.9EZ is installed on buses PAZ-4234 and PAZ-32053-07

The general arrangement of the engine is shown in Fig.1.

The Common Rail fuel system with electronic injection control is used on diesels, which provides environmental indicators corresponding to the Euro-3 level by optimizing the workflow.

Характеристики и неисправности двигателя Д-245.7Е3 / Д-245.9Е3

The engine consists of: a cylinder block with suspension; crank and valve timing mechanisms; lubrication, power and cooling systems; boost, start-up devices, drives of electrical equipment and aggregates.

The crank mechanism consists of: crankshaft, pistons with piston rings and fingers, connecting rods, main and connecting rod bearings, flywheel.

The crankshaft is steel, has five main and four connecting rod necks. The front and rear crankshaft is sealed with cuffs.

The piston is made of aluminum alloy.

A combustion chamber is made in the bottom of the piston. In the upper part, the piston has three grooves - compression rings are installed in the first two, and an oil ring is installed in the third.

An insert made of special cast iron is filled under the groove of the upper compression ring.

Piston rings. The upper compression ring is made of high-strength cast iron, in cross section has the shape of an isosceles trapezoid, the second

the compression ring is conical. On the end surface of the lock, compression rings are marked "Top" ("TOP"). Oil removal ring

box type with a spring expander.

Connecting rod - steel. To lubricate the piston pin, there are holes in the upper connecting rod head and sleeve.

The distribution mechanism consists of a camshaft, intake and exhaust valves, as well as parts of their installation and drive: pushrods, rods, rocker arms, adjusting screws with nuts, plates with crackers, springs, racks and the axis of rocker arms.

The camshaft is driven from the crankshaft via distribution gears

Technical characteristics of diesel

Engine model - D-245.7EZ or D-245.9EZ

The type is Diesel, four-stroke, turbocharged and supercharged air cooling.

The method of mixing is Direct fuel injection

Number and arrangement of cylinders 4, in-line, vertical

Cylinder capacity, l: 4.75

The order of operation of the cylinders: 1-3-4-2

The direction of rotation of the crankshaft is right (clockwise)

Diameter of cylinders/ piston stroke, mm:

D-245.7EZ - 110

D-245.9EZ - 125

Compression ratio 17

Rated power, net, kW:

D-245.7EZ - 85.0

D-245.9EZ - 95.0

Rated speed, min-1: 2400

Maximum torque, net, Nm:

D-245.7EZ - 422

D-245.9EZ - 456

Rotation speed at maximum torque, min-1:

D-245.7EZ - 1000... 1500

D-245.9EZ - 1500...1600

Minimum idle speed, min-1: 750...800

Maximum idle speed, min-1, no more than 2650

Ventilation system - Open

Lubrication system - Combined: under pressure from the oil pump and spraying

Cooling in the lubrication system - Liquid-oil heat exchanger

Oil filter - Full-flow, non-removable, mod. FM 009-1012005 or M5101

High pressure fuel pump - CP3.3 (BOSCH, Germany)

Electronic diesel control unit - EDC7UC31 (BOSCH, Germany)

Nozzle - CRIN2 (BOSCH, Germany)

Coarse fuel filter - Preline PL 270 (MANN-HUMMEL GMBH, Germany)

Fuel fine filter - Mann & Hummel WDK962/12 or WDK962/14 (Germany)

Air filter - Air cleaner with paper filter elements

Boost system - With adjustable boost pressure and air-to-air charge air cooler

Turbocharger - C14 (Turbo company) C15 (Turbo company) or S200G (Schwitzer company, Germany)

Diesel cooling system - Liquid, closed type, with forced circulation of liquid, thermostat and expansion tank

Means of facilitating the start of the engine - Glow plugs and liquid heater