We remove the springs to replace the spring sheets or when replacing the spring assembly.

To complete the work, you will need tools: a jack, keys for 22, 24, socket for 24, a hammer, a barb, a drift.

We install the car on a viewing ditch.

We loosen the tightening of the fastening nuts of the ladders.

We unload the spring by lifting the rear of the car and placing a support under the rear of the frame.

Снятие и разборка рессор задней подвески Газель НекстСнятие и разборка рессор задней подвески Газель Некст

We unscrew the nut of the finger fastening the front end of the spring to the bracket on the frame so that it stays flush on the finger, moisten the hinge and finger abundantly with soapy water and use a punch through the mounting hole in the frame to knock out the finger until it touches the bracket nut.

We unscrew the nut and finally knock out the finger with the help of a beard, applying force to the end of the finger.

Снятие и разборка рессор задней подвески Газель Некст

We unscrew the nut of the finger "A" attaching the rear end of the spring to the earring "B". Liberally moisten the hinge and pin "A" with soapy water.

We knock out the lower finger "B", being careful not to damage the thread.

Raise the rear of the car by the frame with a jack so that the ends of the spring come out of the bracket and earrings.

Снятие и разборка рессор задней подвески Газель Некст

Finally, unscrew the four nuts "B" of the step-ladders of the springs.

We remove the step-ladders "A" with an overlay "B". We remove the spring.

Снятие и разборка рессор задней подвески Газель Некст

If it is necessary to replace the rubber-metal hinge of the earring, unscrew the nut fastening the pin "B", knock out the finger, remove the cheeks "B" of the earrings and remove the hinge from the bracket "A".

Clean the spring from dirt. Remove rust from the spring lugs.

Replace the rubber spring hinges if necessary.

To make it easier to press in the rubber-metal hinges, lubricate them with a thick soapy solution and use special mandrels.

Examine your fingers.

They should not have visible traces of wear, deformation, rust, dirt. The threaded part of the fingers must not be damaged.

Examine the springs.

There should be no cracks on the leaf spring.

If the indicated defects are found, replace the spring assembly or, having disassembled the spring, replace its defective sheets.

Снятие и разборка рессор задней подвески Газель Некст

Check the spring deflection. To do this, compress the spring with a load of (750 ± 15) kgf.

Stretch a thin rope or wire between the centers of the spring eye holes and measure the distance "a" from the top surface of the first sheet at the center bolt to the tensioned rope.

The measured distance "a" must be at least 47 mm for springs from | groups and not less than 57 mm for springs from group II.

The difference in the deflection of both springs should be no more than 10 mm.

The number of the spring group is marked on the end of the front spring lug:

- | group - one smear of yellow paint;

- || group - no marking.

Install the spring in the reverse order of removal, without finally tightening the threaded connections.

When installing, note that the short end of the spring must point forward in the direction of travel of the vehicle.

Load the spring using a special tool and tighten the spring fastening bolts to a torque of 120-150 Nm.

Tighten the two nuts of the earring fingers evenly to avoid distortions of its cheeks.

Their service life depends on the correct installation of silent blocks.

Therefore, the screw connections of the spring fastening must be tightened only after preliminary compression of the springs.

It is most convenient to use a special device for this.

In the absence of a device, in a garage environment, you can install the wheels and lower the car to the ground or lower the car on a support installed under the bottom plate of the spring step-ladders. In this case, it is better to load the car body with ballast.

Dismantling and assembling the spring

Remove the spring as described above.

We mark the orientation of the sheets in the spring.

We clamp the spring in a vice, as close as possible to the center bolt.

Снятие и разборка рессор задней подвески Газель Некст

We unscrew the nuts of the bolts of the spring clamping clamps.

We take out the bolts from the holes and remove the clamp spacers.

We unscrew the nut of the center bolt and take it out.

Slowly unclench the vice to gradually relieve the load from the spring.

To assemble the spring, we first select the required set of sheets and inter-sheet gaskets.

We fold the sheets in the appropriate order and place plastic spacers between them.

We insert a metal rod into the holes of the sheets for the center bolt, the diameter of which is equal to the diameter of the bolt.

We squeeze the central part of the spring in a vice as close to the rod as possible.

We take out the rod and insert the bolt into the hole.

The head of the bolt must be at the bottom of the spring.

Screw on and tighten the nut.

Install the bushings and bolts of the clamping clamps. Only after that we take out the spring from the vice.