It is recommended to fill the cooling system with ES Comleat or Cool Stream Premium coolant

The amount of filling in the cooling system is 15 liters.

It is recommended to replace the fluid in the cooling system after five years of operation, but if the fluid has changed its color to reddish, you need to replace it.

The change in color indicates the development of anti-corrosion additives, and the liquid has become aggressive to cooling parts.

Preparing the car for work.

Replacement of coolant GAZelle Next

With the ignition on, turn the handle of the supply air temperature regulator to the maximum mode.

Turn off the ignition and disconnect the negative battery terminal.

Replacing the coolant GAZelle Next

Remove the air filter housing.

We put a piece of hose on the drain tap fitting and bring it under the car.

We place a container under the hose to collect the drained liquid.

Unscrew the radiator valve plug by two or three turns.

Replacing the coolant GAZelle Next

Unscrew the plug of the expansion tank and drain the liquid.

After all the liquid has drained, close the radiator valve plug.

Replacing the coolant GAZelle Next

Pour liquid through the expansion tank.

If the liquid level in the expansion tank has stopped dropping, squeeze the lower radiator hose several times.

Replacing the coolant GAZelle Next

To remove air from the pipeline from the water distributor to the heater radiator, unscrew the drain plug.

When liquid appears from the hole, screw the plug back in place.

The presence of air in the system does not completely fill in all the liquid.

To completely fill the coolant, start the engine and add coolant.

Close the expansion tank.

We warm up the engine to the thermostat opening temperature, let the engine run in various modes.

We bring the coolant level back to normal.

After a few days of operation, we check the level again, top up the coolant if necessary.