The frame consists of two box-shaped spars of variable section, interconnected by five crossbars

The crossbars are connected to the spars by welding or bolts (the second crossbar is removable)

Frame and elements of its attachment to the body: A - version of the front part of the frame for a car with a spring-lever suspension; 1 - protective arc; 2 - towing hook; 3 - front bumper; 4 - frame spar; 5, 9 - body elements; 6 - rear floor support; 7 - cross member; 8 - bolt; 10, 13 - pillows; 11 - bracket; 12 - bushing; 14 - washer; 15 - nut; 16 - locknut

Brackets of springs, shock absorbers, power unit supports and body mounts are attached to the spars.

At the front ends of the spars there is a front bumper, a protective arc and towing hooks

A rigid (or resilient) towing device is attached to the drawbeam for short-term towing

In addition, two spring steel rear bumpers are attached to the rear cross member.

The body is cargo-passenger, with a removable canvas awning or hard top, has five doors and a folding tailgate

The tailgate opens up on gas-filled stops.

Side doors have swivel windows and removable glass.

Radiator cover, mudguards, hood, doors, tailgate and fenders are removable

Inside the body (in the cab), seven seats are installed in three rows, while the two seats of the third row are folding, and the passengers on them are located face to face.

The first and second row seats are equipped with seat belts.

A hinged bracket for a spare wheel is mounted on the outside of the body